Four Reasons Why You Need an Estate Planning Attorney

Four Reasons Why You Need an Estate Planning Attorney

Four Reasons Why You Need an Estate Planning Attorney

Many people ask whether it is necessary to use the services of an estate planning attorney such as NorthStar Law Group, P.S. What if they already have a personal or business lawyer? Can’t they plan an estate as well? While most attorneys can put together a simple will using standard forms, there are more complicated issues with establishing a trust and many advance planning situations that require a more in-depth approach. In this area having a lawyer that specializes in estate planing is a must

If you are single with no dependents or major assets, you may not need an estate planning attorney, but those with families, businesses and financial resources are best served by an expert in the field. People in California who believe that they could benefit from the services of attorneys in the field of estate planning may want to go here and get in touch with the people at Cunningham Legal to see how they can help out in this area.

Here are four reasons why an estate planning attorney is of value:

1. Law is Like Medicine: There are Both General Practitioners and Specialists

Most people have a GP doctor, but when something more complex comes up they seek the help of a specialist. Law is similar to medicine in this way, and certain events or situations require the expertise of an attorney who deals with those issues every day for their clients. Estate planning practice is a legal specialty, requiring years of experience with a wide range of life challenges for families.

2. Estate Planning Requires Multiple Areas of Expertise

Estate planning goes far beyond simple document drafting, and requires knowledge in tax law, like a tax attorney would know, probate, real property, charitable giving, and business succession planning. The estate planning attorney can look at your assets and heirs through the lens of all possible consequences, to maximize potential inheritances and minimize taxes.

3. The Estate Planning Attorney is a Lifetime Advisor

Your estate planning attorney is a lifetime ally who is always abreast of changes in estate and tax laws that might impact you and your family. It can give you real peace of mind to have even the simplest question answered by an attorney who knows you and your family well. Most estate planning attorneys find real satisfaction in helping their clients navigate life’s ups and downs and finding real solutions that can work for you.

4. Creating Continuity for Your Estate, Through Family and Financial Changes

Families and businesses evolve and change constantly, and many of these changes will impact your estate plan. It can be invaluable to have a trusted advisor who can be a stable and expert presence through changes in spouses, additional children and shifting business interests.

If you are interested in having an estate planning attorney to consult with, please contact the attorneys at Shoup Legal, A Professional Law Corporation, at 951-445-4114 or to talk with a dedicated member of our legal team about your estate plan.