Unsecured Bridge Loan to Help with a Transition to a Senior Community

Unsecured Bridge Loan to Help with a Transition to a Senior Community

Unsecured Bridge Loan to Help with a Transition to a Senior Community

If you’ve got an aging family member, the time may come where you look on sites like chelseaseniorliving.com/locations/new-jersey/fanwood/ in order to find them the perfect community that they can move into. You want to make sure they get high-quality care after everything they’ve done for you. But, what happens if you can’t afford the initial costs of moving them into a senior community?

Elderlife Financial is the only company that can provide $5,000 to $500,000, specifically for senior living and transition costs.

Here are two example scenarios where a bridge loan might be helpful:

  1. A family is helping transition a parent to an Active Adult Living community, but that community has upfront fees and costs with a new move in. The issue is the family has assets but does not have enough liquid cash to pay the upfront costs of the community. Elderlife can make a loan to help pay for the community’s costs, and the family can repay that loan once they sell the home or other assets. The loan proceeds can go directly to the senior living community.
  2. A family is waiting for benefits to come in from the Veterans Administration (aid and attendance) but needs some money now to help a family member age safely. By securing bridge loans, you can get the services your family needs today while waiting for an additional benefit to get finalized.

If you have similar questions or scenarios we can evaluate, please let us know as we have answers. Elderlife Financial has resources to help you explore all options so you can make educated financial decisions during this stressful transition.

If you need to act quickly or need money today, Elderlife has a Bridge Loan that can fund money to your senior living community within 24 hours.

A consultation with Elderlife Financial or Rancho Family Aging Services is ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE.

Elderlife Financial and Rancho Family Aging Services have collaborated to help families learn, plan and finance a transition to a new home.